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Laser Smile Biolase - Beirut Lebanon


The World Always looks brighter from behind a smile!


What is BIOLASE Laser Dentistry?

BIOLASE laser dentistry allows us to perform radiant dental treatments on our patients, and involves the use of a versatile, accurate, and reliable dental diode laser. In addition to whitening, the LaserSmile diode laser has numerous other cosmetic and soft tissue applications - including cosmetic gingival contouring, crown lengthening, treatment of periodontal pockets, and gingival troughing.

How does LaserSmile teeth whitening work ?


Utilizing the laser's unique monochromatic characteristics, along with a proprietary wave-length-specific photon activated gel, the LaserSmile system provides gentle, safe, fast and effective whitening for you in just one visit!


What are the Advantages of LaserSmile teeth whitening?


The treatment period of BIOLASE laser dentistry is significantly shorter than traditional teeth whitening procedures, and results are almost immediately apparent.
The gentle fiber-optic system maximizes patient comfort, while operating with very little machine noise.
Bleaching with our diode laser results in less teeth and gum sensitivity, which helps reduce recovery time and provide more instant gratification.
BIOLASE laser dentistry is also very safe, so you can beautify your smile with total confidence.


How long does it take to perform a LaserSmile teeth whitening treatment?

The cumulative exposure of the patient's teeth to the LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening gel is 24 minutes only! Pre and post treatment preparations and activities round the total treatment time up to about an hour or slightly less.


How white will teeth get?


LaserSmile has been able to achieve dramatic results in most patients. Your results may vary depending on the type of stain, thickness of enamel, your age and personal habits.


Does it work with veneers or bonds?


While results may vary, whitening procedures are generally not designed for caps, veneers or bonds.


How long will it last?


LaserSmile whitening results can last for years assuming good hygiene and reasonable exposure to staining foods and beverages. However, actual results may vary due to individual differences in tooth structure and personal habits.


Is this procedure for everyone?

Basically, anyone who wants his or her teeth whitened can benefit from the LaserSmile However, as with any tooth-whitening procedure, laser whitening is not recommended for children under 16 years of age and pregnant or lactating women and for people who are allergic to the ingredients in the gel.