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CEREC Veneers in Beirut Lebanon

A New Innovation- CEREC Veneers!

Cerec Hollywood smile veneers are what most Hollywood actors and famous musicians are using on their smiles, because they want want the perfect smile.


What are CEREC Veneers?

Minimum Preparation Cerec Veneers are an exciting, relatively new way of giving you a perfect smile!
They consist of custom- made ultra-thin shells that can be placed directly over existing teeth without minimal removal of tooth enamel and sometimes with no removal at all and for this they are called prepless veneers. Placing a traditional dental veneer often requires the removal of healthy enamel in order to make room for the veneer. Like LUMINEERS, CEREC Veneers are just another way we that we make dental care as conservative as possible.

You may have seen smiles that look fake or unnatural. However, CEREC Prepless Veneers can be used to create a smile that looks natural and beautiful

What is so special about CEREC prepless Veneers?

The BIG difference is that these Veneers are prepared using the CAD CAM Technology which means that after teeth preparation, a 3D impression is taken and the veneers are prepared using the revolutionary CEREC / CAD CAM Technology
The process of designing the shape and color of the veneers is supervised by your dentist the whole time. The result is an extremely precise, natural looking, durable restoration!
CEREC Prepless Veneers are changing cosmetic dentistry.


What are the Indications for CEREC Prepless Veneers?

CEREC Prepless Veneers Offer Solutions To A Variety Of Cosmetic Issues For A Beautiful Smile:
• Shield chipped or cracked teeth,
• Hide slightly discolored or stained teeth,
• Visually resolve slightly crooked or misaligned teeth,
• Solve unwanted gaps or spaces,
• Cover worn or misshaped teeth,
• Conceal small teeth,
• Straighten and enhance the look of your smile.


What is the difference between CEREC Prepless Veneers or minimal preparation veneers from Traditional Veneers?

• No impressions,
• No temporaries,
• No Numbing,
• No Drilling of your teeth,
• Bonds to enamel better than traditional veneers.


Who is a good candidate for CEREC Prepless Veneers?

Each cosmetic case is unique! Our doctors are experienced with this procedure, and they know how to identify if you are a good candidate. Most dentists will not offer this kind of non-invasive, innovative smile makeover. The procedure takes a lot of skill, expertise, and talent to achieve terrific results. The skilled Dentists of Ferrari Dental clinic Beirut Lebanon have mastered the smile design and are equipped with all of the leading-edge technology available, therefore they are uniquely able to offer you the very best treatment for your specific case!