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Hollywood Smile

The number one Hollywood smile veneers Lumineers dental clinic in Lebanon could change your life!


Our centers are located in Beirut – Hamra – Clemenceau – Horch Tabet Sin el Fil – Hazmieh – Jounieh Keserwan.

Welcome to the exclusive official provider for Lumineers Hollywood smile Lebanon veneers and the first ISO 9001:2008 dental clinic in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebriaUxGp3s

The right Hollywood smile Lebanon veneers clinic in Beirut can change your life

At Veneers Hollywood smile Lebanon by Ferrari dental clinic in Beirut Lebanon we provide different types for Hollywood smile in Lebanon that will keep you smiling.

1- Lumineers Hollywood smile Lebanon (as exclusive provider in Lebanon).
2- Composite veneers Hollywood smile Lebanon Beirut or Ferrari Smile.
3- Veneers Hollywood smile Lebanon by Sirona computerized cerec veneers in Beirut.
4- Teeth witening Lebanon by Laser bleaching technology or also known as Laser whitneing.

1- Hollywood smile Lebanon Lumineers by Dr.Habib Zarifeh the Hollywood smile dentist in Lebanon:


Beware Of Fake Lumineers: Ask For Your 5 Years International Warranty, Ferrari Dental Clinic is the only official provider for Lumineers in Lebanon, and the Only Clinic in The Middle East That Can Provide The Lumineers by Cerinate in only 6 Days.

No drilling – No Anesthesia – No pain

The technique is simple, we take an impression for your natural teeth (without drilling), we fill a detailed application for all your notations (we have a detailed smile design sheet provided by the Cerinate Lab) and we send it to California Santa Maria USA where the Cerinate Lab is located.

After few days they send back for us the Lumineers which are like lenses composed of very high quality aesthetic and resistant ceramic, and we cement them on your natural teeth with a special plasma technology.
You can also visit our you tube account to see how does the laser technology works: you tube account: ferraridentalclinics

Last, being the exclusive official provider for Lumineers in Lebanon, all our patients are privileged by a 5 years international warranty certificate by the Cerinate Lab, and theoretically they last more than 20 years.

2- Hollywood smile Lebanon composite veneers or Ferrari Smile by Dr.Habib Zarifeh the Hollywood smile dentist in Lebanon at Ferrari dental clinic :

veneers-hollywoodsmileWe have also another technique in our clinics which is the Ferrari Smile composite veneers in Lebanon, we need only one session and they last for around 5 to 7 years with 2 years warranty.

Ferrari smile in one session

The composite veneers are a layer of aesthetic composite bonded on your prepared teeth by Laser (Waterlase MD turbo) in one session in office without drilling the teeth, it means that we don't wear off your natural teeth , it's a 100% safe procedure and 100% aesthetic and without anesthesia.

3- Hollywood smile Lebanon computerized Sirona cerec 3D veneers: recommended usually for crowns in Lebanon or veneers in Lebanon or dental bridges in Lebanon.

hollywood-smile-veneersEverything can be done in one session with our Cad Cam technology cerec 3D by sirona, with this system we can do the optical impression and the milling of a high aesthetic full ceramic veneer or crown.
You can visit our Veneers Lebanon website or our you tube account ferraridentalclinics

Hollywood smile Lebanon veneers and full ceramic crowns Before and After by Dr.Habib Zarifeh

Please also note that we are the first and only ISO 9001 clinic in the Middle East so our main aim is quality and patient's satisfaction.

4- Hollywood smile Lebanon teeth whitening Lebanon Beirut by Ferrari dental clinic in Lebanon:

veneers-hollywoodsmileWe use several whitening technologies such as:

1- Lasersmile teeth whitening in Lebanon from Biolase.
2- Beyond Polus teeth whitening Lebanon Beirut.
3- AMD laser teeth whitening Lebanon Beirut.
4- Home bleaching Lebanon.